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How would having a story & messaging strategies that spark interest affect your business?

Marianne helps you share your story in a real, engaging way to help your clients connect with the authenticity of your founder launch journey. She delivers the messages of your vision, mission and values to create greater impact as a sustainability leader. The level of commitment she has for helping climatetech startups succeed is a joy to watch.
Leon Gerard Vandenberg
CEO & CTO Sunified Group
Marianne has a way of helping you tell your story in a powerful, authentic way. Working with her is a pleasure and a great opportunity. She gets to the heart of your journey and pulls out what's important for you to share and puts it all together in a way that is both honest and fascinating out to your target audience. She is brilliant at what she does and will save you time and money spent trying to figure it all out it through trial and error.
Perry McCarthy
Ex racing driver and the original 'Stig' from BBC Top Gear
Marianne has created a unique and above all invaluable service, where her huge insight within the climatetech sector is fused with her passion for helping environmentally-focused companies. The result is an easy to use platform which provides SME's with real opportunities to gain visibility and be matched with likeminded investors. Ingenious.
Emma Coleman
Founder at EmmaColemanSkin
Marianne has helped quite a few start-ups gain market awareness and supported them in sales. She has a great network in the Green-Tech world from investors to board advisors through to marketing companies. If you want your company to grow in the Green-Tech space - I would recommend you get in-touch with her. She thinks out of the box.
Mark Thackeray
Managing Director, AccessPlc

Unlock your story

Who are you? And why do you do what you do?
Have you been looking for a way to authentically tell your story and stand out from the crowd?

Climatetech startups are reimagining the way we work and live, but many struggle with sharing their founder story, clearly communicating why their innovation is so vitally important to the net-zero transition and explaining the difference they are making.

Mastering your story may be challenging because...

You’re deep in the woods
….and you can’t see the forest for the trees. You’re lost in the detail and need an outside perspective to help effectively draw out your unique selling points.
You’re ahead of the curve
You’re highly innovative, but you have to work twice as hard at educating the market on the ‘new thing’ you’ve created.
You’re in early startup stages
…and don’t yet have an experienced marketing and communications team to bring your story to life.

Here's where I can help

I can help you break through the clutter with a cohesive founder launch story that communicates not just what you do, but the heart and soul of your business.

I’m a founder at The Green Techpreneur and a Forbes Contributor with a love for businesses that are creating climate solutions and a passion to help you succeed in ‘sparking the transition’.

What you'll get...

Founder brand story article and podcast – add your story to your website blog and make your climatetech journey unforgettable

Why is it valuable?

Our service is affordable and tailor-made for helping climatetech startup founders put their name on the map. We can help you stand out to attract more enquiries, investors, and top talent and save you thousands of pounds that would otherwise be spent on PR and content production. People who know how to emotionally engage an audience will win in the saturated digital world – people remember brand stories 22x more than they remember facts.

Brand stories generate higher levels of engagement, learning, persuasion, and inspiration for action. Stories are superior to other forms of marketing communications for creating, changing, and maintaining brand associations, beliefs and attitudes.”Harvard Business Review

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