I’m a creative entrepreneur with a love for businesses that are creating solutions to the world’s biggest challenge – climate change.

The Green Techpreneur is an online resource, networking platform, podcast and magazine designed to help climatetech entrepreneurs and investors build, grow and thrive.

It’s my passion and privilege to showcase the sustainability leaders who are working hard every day to bring about the transition to net-zero.

My aim is to provide you with unique and valuable insight into climatetech innovation and enable connections that keep investments flowing and businesses growing.


The Green Techpreneur features extraordinary greentech entrepreneurs and investors and shares insight on how to sell your climatetech product or service and find funding as you build your greentech business. It’s insightful, actionable and fun to read or listen to.


Advisory Board

Karolina Lewandowska

Since 2015 Karolina Lewandowska has been mentoring and advising startup founders in Germany, US, and the UK. As a founder of She Leads Company she’s also a champion of female founders and hopes to inspire more women to start their own companies and get the backing they need to bring their big ideas to the world. Karolina has a strong focus on the energy sector, on developing and delivering zero-carbon transition strategies, innovating, and driving growth. 

Mark Thackeray

Mark Thackeray is a renowned international businessman with over thirty years experience in the IT sector in the UK, USA and internationally. During this time Mark has profitably established six companies and has acquired over $200 million in M&As for corporations. He has also worked extensively in the climatetech fundraising and investor arena.

Emma Coleman 

Emma Coleman is Founder and Director of award-winning Emma Coleman Skin Clinics and Emma Coleman Skincare. She brings a wealth of experience in managing and growing an online business, e-commerce, personal branding, audience growth and digital marketing.

Jim Perkins

Jim Perkins has over 25 years’ experience in helping businesses excel by combining his sales experience and investment network with online and traditional marketing skills. His marketing experience involves establishing branding and advertising partnerships and setting up a jobs board. This mixture of technical, creative, business acumen, and sales & marketing dexterity is extremely relevant to the Green Techpreneur’s business model.