The following five climatetech startups seeking investment have been pre-vetted and identified as high potential startups by investment experts. Check them out, invest, and help change the world! 


RHIZOME2 HYDROGEN has developed Hydrogen Refuelling Station, ZEPHYR (Zero Emissions Production Hydrogen Refuelling). ZEPHYR stations are the complete package to facilitate onsite green hydrogen production to refuel hydrogen vehicles, most reliably and efficiently.

Their systems are modular, which allows them to accommodate other application of green hydrogen, such as industrial applications. The team at RHIZOME2 HYDROGEN is committed to transitioning toward a zero-emission future. Innovation in design leads to the reliability of operations.

Climate focus area

Transport Decarbonisation and Green Fuel


Traceless produces bio-based biodegradable packaging materials; they’ve developed an innovative, patent-pending technology to make use of natural biopolymers in agricultural industry residues. With their technology, they produce a novel generation of bio-circular and plastic-free materials to create a world where packaging can have a positive, not negative impact.

Climate focus area 

Sustainable materials



Utility Bridge is an easy to understand B2B SaaS platform for energy management and carbon reduction. Their target is make energy management and carbon reduction easy to manage for businesses of all sizes. Utility Bridge clients are more cost effective, eco-friendly, legislation compliant, and productive.

Climate focus area

Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction



Everdye aims to ‘reshape the fashion industry’ by producing alternative textile dyes with an efficient dying process that uses sustainable colours. They created a hybrid between paper waste and minerals to produce long lasting, earth-friendly colours using a pre-treatment to superpower industrial infrastructures capacities. 

Climate focus area 

Sustainable manufacturing


Kyomei has developed an innovative plant-based production system that can produce animal proteins in vegetable cells: “meat alternative sales alone grew 45% in 2021, yet 2/3 of consumers would eat more plant-based meat if products tasted better.”

Kyomei addresses this market pain point, with a first-in-class protein production platform using plants as bioreactors growing animal proteins for the alternative meat industry. Their platform is sustainable and carbon negative, naturally grown and purely plant-grown and produces the identical proteins found in meat.

Climate focus area

Meat alternative

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