The following five climatetech startups seeking investment have been pre-vetted and identified as high potential startups by investment experts. Check them out, invest, and help change the world!



Utility Bridge is an easy to understand B2B SaaS platform for energy management and carbon reduction. Their target is make energy management and carbon reduction easy to manage for businesses of all sizes. Utility Bridge clients are more cost effective, eco-friendly, legislation compliant, and productive.

Climate focus area

Energy Efficient & Carbon Reduction



BeWorks Automation is a cleantech engineering startup that is easing a transition to a ‘Net-Zero’ future with robust, functional, lightweight EV charging solutions and green energy integration in its public and home chargers. Our product offerings do not only benefit the residential and commercial customers, but also brings added value to our ageing population, disabled drivers and to all vulnerable communities.

Climate focus area

Energy Efficiency – EV charging



Cultivated Bio uses precision yeast fermentation to produce delicious creamy natural fats as a dairy fat replacement. Its texture is like diary cream and it is used to create delicious ice cream, cheese or milk diary alternatives.
Climate focus area
 Food Source & Sustainable Farming



Phase Biolabs  has developed an innovative gas fermentation technology that not only captures carbon but turns it into valuable, revenue generating produce including cost-effective carbon negative chemicals and carbon neutral e-fuel – a double win for the environment that’s profitable!

Climate focus area 


Carbon Capture


Salient Energy produce safe, sustainable, and affordable zinc-ion batteries. Lithium-ion materials commonly used in batteries are limited in supply and pose supply chain issues to manufacturers. Salient Energy is delivering a scalable alternative solution with zinc-ion batteries that store electricity and deliver on-demand. 

Climate focus area

Sustainable Energy & Energy Efficient 

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